Herpes is a viral disease and many people think that herpes is the only leap disease through sexual contact, but this idea is only partially correct.

There are several types of herpes, different modes of infection and different clinical symptoms of symptoms.

Herpes type

Herpes is actually a collective term for many diseases, and there are actually eight types of herpes.

HHV-1-Herpes simplex 1 (HSV-1) is the most common and best known of this type and is also known as oral herpes because it occurs mainly around the mouth and lips.

HHV-2-Herpes simplex 2 (HSV-2), also referred to as this type, is considered to be genital herpes, which is mainly done with genitals.

HHV-3-Virus and Ritzlh-Herpes zoster (VZV), this type of herpes is childhood, and in addition, especially the main cause of chickenpox, this type is also the disease herpes zoster (herpes zoster), Causes more common diseases at older ages.

HHV-4-Virus, Epstein-Beer (EBV), this type of herpes is also known as “kiss disease”.

The lymphoma of the bear-herpes can also be a risk factor for this type of cancer and pharyngeal cancer.

HHV-5 – Virus (cytomegalovirus or CMV), this type of herpes, tends to cause things and confuse this virus, Epstein-Barr virus.

HHV-6-This type of herpes disease usually makes reddish springs.

The disease is most prevalent in the early stages and falls into one of the six “disease rash” classics common at this age.

HHV-7, herpes causes HHV-6, a similar respiratory tract infection of this type.

HHV-8 is known as herpes, a type of sarcoma, because the primary disease is the most common in AIDS patients and causes Kaposi’s sarcoma.

Infected with herpes

It is widely described that herpes is an unprotected sex permeation disease.

Illness is most common among young people, but the golden age of herpes is also available.

Each of the eight types of herpes has a different method of infection.

Herpes virus type 1 may be oral sexual contact, but can be accessed using food, drinks, and bodily fluids of the sick.

Herpes type 2 passes unprotected sexual contact, but can also report and move in the event that genital herpes pain is not protected.

Herpes type 3, herpes is very contagious and usually enters cough, sneeze, any kind of contact, and distribution of food and drink.

Today there is a vaccine given in childhood against this virus.

Herpes herpes type 4 and type 5 through close contact with the sick, fluency, coughing, sneezing from the embryo, mother to fetus etc. These are these types.

Send herpes through the secretion of saliva herpes type 6 and type 7, sick and then close contact from mother to fetus.

Herpes types, such as herpes virus type 8, not yet fully known about him, including the method of infection, are under multiple of medical research, and through this type of sexual intercourse, organ transplantation, blood donation There is evidence that

In general, it is very difficult to treat diseases caused by viruses.

Symptomatic treatment is usually combined with rest and some antiviral drugs such as acyclovir and acyclovir.

Today, soft laser treatment treatments and complementary therapies can be used.