Medical Schools

Here we Supply a Directory of the Medical Schools in Middle East, North Africa and Arab Countries.

Umm Al-Qura University, College of Medicine Sudan Shendi University Faculté p Médecine et de Pharmacie, Fès Benadir University, Mogadishu Jordan King Faisal University, College of Medicine

University of El-Imam El-Mahdi College of Medicine, Tanta University College of Allied Medical Sciences, The Arab American University, Jenin Faculté p Médecine p Sfax College of Medicine, Fayoum University United Arab Emirates University College of Medicine, Hashemite University, Zarqa Syria Université Hassan II Aïn Chock Faculté de Medicine et Pharmacie, Casablanca Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar, Doha Université Badji Mokhtar – Annaba, Faculté p Médecine College of Human Medicine, An-Najah National University, Nablus

College of Medicine, Mu’tah University, Karak Alzaiem Alazhari University

Ibn Sina National College for Medical Studies, Jeddah Faculté p Médecine et de Pharmacie, Rabat Plasma College of Health Science, Mogadishu Libyan International Medical University Kuwait The listing isn’t yet finished, as it’ll be updated to add more of schools, institutes and universities.

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Complete upto–date people and precision of medical colleges in certain regions can’t be guaranteed and might vary from time to time. Some references sends the reader or may seem invalid. We have no responsibility of this content nor the precision by using the hyperlinks of their third party websites. An attempt was created and will continue to keep up the data up-to-date. Al-Furat University, Deir ez-Zor College of Medicine, Benha University College of Medicine, Zagazig University College of Medicine, Ain Shams University, Cairo Oman Medical College (OMC) Tishreen University,Lattakia King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences, Riyadh Upper Nile University Palestinian Medical Education Center

Faculté p Médecine p Sousse Hadhramout University of Science and Technology, Mukalla University of Medical Sciences and Technology, Khartoum King Saud University, College of Medicine, Riyadh

Dubai Medical College For Girls

Taibah University, College of Medicine, Al Madinah Sultan Qaboos University, Faculty of Medicine Omdurman Islamic University

Aden University Faculty of Medicine Mauritania University of Hargeisa Tripoli University

Libya Oman College of Medicine, Islamic University of Gaza College of Medicine, Assiut University Lebanon Batterjee Medical College, Jeddah Thamar University Faculty of Medicine Kassala University Saudi Arabia Université Saint-Joseph, Faculté p Médecine Al-Baath University Faculté p Médecine et de Pharmacie, Marrakech Yemen

Beirut Arab University, Faculty of Medicine College of Medicine, Mansoura University Université Mouloud Mammeri p Tizi-Ouzou, Faculté p Médecine Faculté p Médecine, Université p Nouakchott Ahfad University for Women School of Medicine, Omdurman University of Sana’a, Faculty of Medicine Tunisia College of Medicine, Al-Quds University, Jerusalem Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University, College of Medicine, Riyadh

American University of Beirut, Faculty of Medicine Somalia Al-Tahadi University, Faculty of Medicine, Sirte Amoud University Medical School, Borama Iraq Bahrain Université Libanaise, Faculté des Sciences Médicales Medical Schools by Nation in chronological order – College of Medicine, Al-Azhar University, Gaza

University of Khartoum Université du Monastir Faculté p Médecine et de Pharmacie, Oujda

King Khalid University, College of Medicine and Medical Sciences Egypt University of Science and Technology Université Djillali Liabès p Sidi Bel-Abbès, Institute of Medical Sciences King Abdul Aziz University, Faculty of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences University of Gezira College of Medicine, South Valley University, Qena University of Sharjah College of Medicine

Alfaisal University, College of Medicine, Riyadh Sebha University, Faculty of Medicine

Faculté p Médecine et des Sciences Médicales, Université Saint-Esprit p Kaslik, Mont-Liban

Morocco Damascus University University of Aleppo Palestine Faculté p médecine p Tunis College of Medicine, October 6 University, 6 October City UAE Faculté p Médecine et de Pharmacie, Casablanca

Qatar Gulf Medical University, Ajman

Algeria: – Qassim University, College of Medicine, Buraidah

Jobs and Internships at Ahfad

The School of Infrastructure is looking for technicians for the laboratories of the Center for Science and Technology.

Our labs are well equipped for practical training and are considered among the best of similar units in institutions of higher education.

Ahfad Laboratories that recruit:

– Chemistry and Biochemistry Laboratory

– Biology and Microbiology Laboratory (Hiv, Hpv, Herpes, HBV, Nattrol)

– Physics Laboratory ( microscopy, x-ray)

– Clinical Chemistry Laboratory (Clia, Elisa, IHC, WB)

– Botany Laboratory ( elctrophoresis, Pcr)

– Physiology Laboratory

– Multipurpose (Histology and Parasitology) Laboratory

– Nutrition (Multipurpose) Laboratory

– Food Laboratory

– Skills Laboratory (Illumina Ngs)

– Microbiology Research Laboratory (agar, Gram strainer)

– General Research Laboratory (Cancer, apoptosis)

– Ornamental Plants Nursery

School of Health Sciences

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According to Greek mythology, the illness caused the Greek gods to be angry and the belly gods made punishment and disease applied to the shepherds.

The most common past and present, with a higher prevalence of syphilis, is more common in third world countries.

What is syphilis?

As mentioned above, syphilis is caused by the sexually transmitted bacterium Syphilis treponema spiral thread.

The way to get sick is through unprotected sex, contaminated open wounds, from mother to child, through contact with blood containing virus.

Since the first symptoms are very similar to many of the skin diseases, it is very difficult to detect early diseases.

Symptoms of syphilis

Symptoms of syphilis progress in three stages. Treating the disease at any stage can save human development of side effects and complications of physical and emotional difficulties. After a human infection caused by syphilis, a latent period of about a month starts.

Stage 1:

Identification of this stage is very difficult but important and can help a person from developing many health complications.

Clinical expressions currently available on the skin of patients in affected areas, using ulcers (underarms), ulcers are round and small rolled.

People may also feel swelling of the affected lymph glands. In most cases, the ulcer disappeared after a few weeks, but it does not mean the disease is gone, but because the body is preparing for the second stage.

Stage 2:

In this phase, there is damage to the skin, mucous membranes and lymph glands, which is more difficult, in which the disease has already spread.

Headaches, flu symptoms, fever, swollen lymph nodes, affected rashes, bruising, and in some cases can develop meningitis, arthritis and hepatitis.

This stage lasts for two weeks, and if not recognized and treated, the patient enters the most difficult third stage.

Only many because the virus is dormant, it will be able to maintain a number of months to years