A parasite that can infect both the vagina and the urethra, trichomoniasis is caused by the protozoa of the vagina.

Male infections always occur in the urethra.


Men usually do not experience symptoms of trichomoniasis.

However, when symptoms appear, however, there may be discomfort and pain in the urethra of the head of the penis.

The most common symptoms in women

Itching and pain in the vagina

Fishy yellow and foamy cage

Painful intercourse

Lower abdominal pain

Parasites live in women of vagina years and exist so as not to feel.

Trichomoniasis in women can be complicated by pelvic inflammatory disease, prostate, epididymis and other reproductive organs in inflammation-male.


Trichomonas infections are usually transmitted by sexual intercourse.

Infection through home contacts – rarely caused by poor poverty, so it survives in the external environment, but to reduce risk, it is necessary to follow home care measures.

Potential newborn infection from a sick mother at birth.


Dr. Extracts the drug metronidazole that can clear the infection.

By eliminating trichomoniasis, doctors should be the same treatment partner and lycomonas can cloud not only small bacteria but also other reproductive pathogens to reduce the recurrence of infection Other sexual diseases must be excluded.