T. pallidum Real-Time PCR Test CE

Catalog Number: P0030H/L

Quantity: 96 Tests / Kit

The Aridia T. pallidum Real-Time PCR Test is based on the real-time amplification and detection of T. pallidum in a one-step format.
T. pallidum DNA is detectable in clinical trials obtained from swabs of genital lesions. A positive PCR test is confirmatory of disease. A PCR test does not exclude infection and should be followed up with serological testing. All test results should be assessed by a healthcare professional in the context of other diagnostic test results , epidemiological data, patient history, and clinical symptoms. Any person displaying genital lesions or lesions, which appear 2-3 weeks after transmission and disease. The test was created for specific and qualitative detection and distinction of Treponema pallidum in clinical trials as an aid in the analysis of T. pallidum infections together with all available clinical and epidemiological information, patient history, and other laboratory test results. The product is meant for use by specialists specifically trained in nucleic acid amplification methods and in vitro analytical processes.