Human papillomavirus (HPV) causes genital warts, some strains of viruses that cause warts are genetically easily distinguishable.

Looks like a small with an irregular, cauliflower-like surface.

It develops wart color and shape, only genital surface, depending on which part of the body, unlike men, women can also have warts inside the vagina.

Caused by HPV infection or HPV-related illness.

Skin: simple and flat wart

Mucosal papillomatosis

Genital: Condyloma


The symptoms of genital warts are almost unnoticeable except for the appearance of warts.

Some people experience inflammation and itching around the affected area.

The most common sites are exposed to female vulva and perineum.

Genital warts can also appear on the vagina, cervix and anus.

Male warts usually appear on the penis, foreskin and urethra, scrotum and anal head.

Men on the head of the penis are sometimes normal and do not mix with warts, producing luminescent spots called pearly papules.

Many people can have genital warts (HPV) strains without any symptoms.

HPV infects humans, the virus sends contact and sexual contact, and the mother’s infection can be transferred to the newborn at birth.


HPV is very contagious and is usually transmitted to intimate contact between wet surfaces during (oral, vaginal sex).


Like all warts, treatment can be a very difficult process because genital warts tend to recur.

There are several treatments, consult your doctor for the best for you.

Wart treatment

We used a keratolytic substance that dissolved plaster in the stratum corneum of the skin (oil, varnish, salicylic acid and lactic acid aqueous solution, cytotoxic drugs, fluorouracil cream, immunomodulator (imiquimod cream)).

Surgery – Warts were frozen in liquid nitrogen, electrocoagulated and the laser removed.

General – Wart or repetitive, anti-viral drugs for the administration of immunomodulators and increased immunity.


There is topical treatment (eg, fluorouracil ointment) in the early stages of the disease.

Can be used for process spread.

Electrocoagulation (shochu)

Frozen nitrogen

Laser treatment

Surgical resection

If there is an occurrence of genital tract condyloma in the event, any similar violation of the skin or mucous membranes, it is a wise and sex partner examination and treatment.

Regular visits to specialists (dermatologists and gynecologists, urologists) can recur after treatment of the disease.

How to protect yourself

Observe personal hygiene to avoid the occurrence of warts – use your towels frequently by hand washing and changing your feet, socks daily.

Safe sex also reduces risk.