Lips and genitals: There are two types of herpes simplex virus.

In the first case, the infection gets cold stomatitis or vesicles.

Unlike genital herpes, it is not classified as STD.

Herpes is an incurable infection that can ever recur.

When the virus first enters the body, it immediately attacks and kills the cells.

The immune system remains inactive to fight some time in the cell, but the reason is unknown, restarts and the beginning of a new phase of herpes.

A person begins to notice the first signs of a virus.

Form vesicles in the lips or mouth. Genital herpes, 2 men and women have painful urination, genital itching and blisters on them.

After developing into blisters, under the yellow burst group is the most common red spot.

In that place is an ulcer that heals in about 10 days and still hurts.

Infection usually suffers from anorexia from fever and / or sweating on the pubic area.

Male blisters in the vulva region occur in the penis in the field, the head of the testicles, and women.

The virus can also be transmitted to the vagina and cervix for infection.

In such cases, doctors are usually advised to perform a Papanicolaou test and an increased risk of cervical cancer.

It is a very contagious infection, especially if the blisters are visible / surface, but herpes virus does not affect the reproductive organs.

Herpes is usually sent in close physical contact (eg kissing, oral sex or vaginal sex, etc.).

This virus is not “friendly” high temperature, so using a hot tub, steam room, swimming pool is not a place that can be attacked.

If you do not want to infect your partner, you must make sure that the blister area is protected.

The most reliable way is to refrain from sex, but condoms can, of course, be used if blisters in the genital area are limited and not touched in a healthy place.

Pregnant women can pass the infection during the birth of their newborn baby, usually a cesarean section is performed.


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If you first appear for signs of discomfort or rash, seek medical attention immediately.

The drug (acyclovir) ointment used for lip herpes virus, observed vesicles, resulting in the user’s first signs of infection benefits should be confirmed.

It is recommended that the affected areas be uncovered, clean and dry.

Rather than stopping cold sores, 5 days after the first sign was detected orally or antivirals can be allowed.

In any case, we are not yet any cure that completely removes the virus from the body.

In order to prevent bacterial infection, it is necessary to follow all hygiene rules.

If you touch the infected part in any way, touch the rest of the body and wash your hands thoroughly with soap.

It is important for the immune system to fight the virus, it is important to learn to avoid stress or manage it.

It is recommended not to get tired, sleep, regular diet, eat more vegetables and fruits and avoid caffeine, alcohol, sunlight and smoke.

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