Technological innovation has brought serious illnesses, inventions, drugs for multiple innovations, but the resulting sexually transmitted diseases are rarely transmitted through sex and are becoming common Absent.

Condyloma or her Hebrew name-genital warts is one of the common diseases and is common in the general population.

Konjiroma is present in everyone at any age and can be more frequent in people who have unprotected sex.

Most of the contraceptives available today are AIDS, which helps prevent difficult infections, such as preventive measures.

Examples include herpes genitals and condylome that are not useful for preventing sexually transmitted diseases.

About Konjiroma

Condyloma-genital warts are human papillomaviruses that cause causative infections:

Papillomavirus causes the most warts in our bodies, and there are over 100 types of this virus.

About 11 virus strains, the disease will cause acupuncture.

Type 16, 18, 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 51, 52, 56, 58.

It is very contagious and in most cases contraception such as condoms does not help prevent infection.

What is the prevalence of konjirome?

In recent years, there has been an increase in the incidence of illness among the general population. The disease is more common among women than men when having sex with multiple partners and very common among younger people.

It is a disease that permeates sexual intercourse, such as Condyloma disease.

The disease is sent when the spouse receives an active or dormant condyloma.

Infection is due to unprotected sexual intercourse as well as through unprotected sexual intercourse in cases such as Konjiroma, which are not covered by contraception and are in the groin or genital area.

Oral sex is done and in some cases, you can also pass the virus from person to person and give oral clinical symptoms in addition to genital expression.

Importantly, the virus is transmitted through sex only through the air, fingers, food, etc.

Similarly, after viral condylomic infection, the virus may remain dormant or erupt due to immune system, pregnancy, tension or stress, emotional decline.

In general, the viral incubation period is about 3 months, and as a result, many people are unaware that they are exposed and infected with the virus in the presence of different symptoms and symptoms.

Condyloma symptoms

Acupuncture can induce papillomavirus and cause a number of symptoms, but 90% of cases may not have any symptoms.

The most common symptom is an increase in multiplayer to the genitals and their environment (looks like a small cauliflower).

In addition, a person can feel discomfort, pain, and itching, and in the case of a woman, bleeding from the vagina may be used.


There are clinical symptoms of coronary artery condyloma recommended to be examined by doctor obstetricians and dermatologists who move as fast as possible.

In most cases, the virus is dormant and has no clinical symptoms, so it is recommended for all women, but all two are tested for colposcopy, Papanicolaou and performed as needed.

PAP smears are targeted among other things to identify warts (tips) in the vagina that invisible women feel.

Despite being effective, condyloma treatment may cause a recurrence of the virus in the future.

Laser treatment

Burn with a needle

Burning in electric loop

Nitrogen treatment


Due to the risk of developing cervical cancer in the future, it is very important in the treatment of condyloma, especially in women.

Today, vaccines against cervical cancer are common and prevent the development of disease in different strains of papillomavirus.