Celiac disease Linkingwith gluten Celiac disease, also called gluten-sensitive enteropathy, is a hereditary disease caused by the consumption of cereals containing gluten. If your child has a disease, the immune system reacts negatively when gluten causes damage to the lining of the small intestine. This disease can cause chronic health conditions, can reduce an person’s ability to … Read more


What is the Cronobacter genus? The genus Cronobacter (formerly Enterobacter Sakazaki) is a type of bacteria that is sometimes found in food. What bacteria Cronobacter genus?The genus Cronobacter is a kind of bacteria in the environment. Although this bacterium is not generally associated with human disease, it can cause serious and even fatal infections in rare … Read more


What are Indigenous bacterial flora and probiotics? Humans have different microorganisms, depending on their organization. Most of the microorganisms are contained in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT), and this gut microbiota represents approximately 1014 cells corresponding to the highest bacterial density for any ecosystem. Our microorganisms represent a huge variety in terms of species and function. A healthy gut … Read more

Gastrointestinal flora and microbial ecology

What is Microbiome? Microbial interactions that play an important role in immune function, energy balance, and even brain development and cognitive function: The human gut microbiota is now a diet and as an important contributor to host health and disease Recognized. Importantly, these advancements in the fields of physiology and nutrition allow for the first effective … Read more

HIV Ag/Ab 4 th Generation testing

Measuring the HIV Ag/Ab 4 th Generation in serum or plasma with an Elisa Reader and Washer can be difficult. For testing the HIV Ag/Ab 4 th Generation Elisa 192 wells, we bought this kit only for 142 Euro from Gentaur and it gave us the best results in our diagnostics laboratory. This Gentaur Elisa … Read more